What are Pay-as-you-go-cell-Phones?

Pay-as-You-Go-Cell-Phones are phones you can buy and use without signing a long term 1 or 2 year contract.

Most Prepaid Cell companies have three elements to their plan.
----The Phone
----The Minutes
----The Network Time (also called activation time).

Most prepaid phones will only work with the company you buy them from.

Minutes vary from 10 cents to 50 cents per minute.

Normally you get a certain time period to use the minutes when you buy minutes.

Often the larger denomination of minutes you buy in one card the cheaper the minutes and the longer the activation time.

Prepaid Cell Phone Companies

There are several Pay-as-You-Go-Cell-Phones Companies Tracfone, Net10, Callwave Mobile, Verizon, T-Mobile TO GO, At&t, and Cricket. More are coming online all the time. K-Mart, Safeway and Walmart Tracfone, T-Mobile, Virgin Mobile, Track Phone Prepaid, Net10 offers are pretty good but usually these vendors offer better deals online.

In many parts of the world this is the standard way that cell minutes are bought and used.

The big contract cell phone companies in the US have not pushed prepaid because they want to lock you into a one or two year contract. Then it is harder for the competition to steal you away. The Contract Cell industry has one of the lowest satisfaction ratings. Once you have signed the contract they don't care.

Prepaid Cell Industry has higher Customer Satisfaction than Long Term Contract Cell Service.

With Prepaid phones when the customer is unhappy they take their business elsewhere.

Are Pay-as-you-go-Phones a good deal?

Yes they are a great deal for some users.

If you don't use many minutes they are usually the best Cellular deal.

If you are rebuilding credit and cannot get an account at one of the major Contract cell companies.

If you are not planning on staying in the area you are in long term.

If you live in an area part time that your Contract Cell company does not work in but you still want Cell coverage.

Why aren't they good for everyone?

If you use a lot of minutes every month they are probably more expensive to use than the contract carriers. Currently 10 cents per minute is as cheap as it gets for heavy users.

Net10 is the best Prepaid Cell Phone

If you sign up for the Easy Minutes plan with NET10 you can get minutes for 7.5 cents. This is the best Pay as you Go cell phone per minute rate.

Check out the New Easy Minutes and get Net10 rates as low as 7.5 cents a minute.

Net10 Phone Sale! Save up to $30!

Cricket Unlimited

The Cricket Unlimited plans where they are available are also a very good PAYG plan. No contracts required and with all of the Cricket plans you get unlimited minutes and unlimited Text and Picture messaging.

Pay-as-You-Go-Cell-Phones Evaluated.