What are NetZero VoIP Options?

NetZero Voip is a new division of the well known internet ISP. They offer four different NetZero Voice Calling plans at this point.

NetZero Voice Free

With this service you can call anyone who is using the Net Zero Voice Service. You will not be able to make calls to normal phone numbers. Included is voicemail, Caller Id, Call-waiting, and Call Block.

NetZero Pay as you go

This is a simple plan where you pay in $5 or $10 before you set up your service. You have the option then of calling someone that has a regular phone not just someone with a NetZero number.

NetZero Voice 100 $3.95/month

A very simple Computer to Phone plan that works with either Dial-up or Broadband access. Voice 100 includes a Personal phone number, Voicemail, Caller ID, Call waiting and more. This service also includes unlimited free calling between two NetZero Voice computers. The minutes for this plan do not roll over from month to month. This is the most Barebones plan out there. Additional minutes are 2 Cents. The hundred minutes will count on a call to any phone number in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico. Extra charges will accrue if you call internationally. No minutes will be used if you call another NetZero network number.

Net Zero Voice Unlimited $14.95/Month

This plan offers unlimited computer to phone minutes and free internet calling. This plan comes with a ton of extra features.

An interesting features of NetZero Voice is that it will work over dialup or Broadband access. This is the only VoIP provider that claims to work on Dial-up Access.

NetZero Customer Support

With the nearly free services from NetZero your customer support will cost you by the minute. $1.95 USD per minute for customer support in the US and $2.95 Can for Canadian customer support. This is kinda steep but it gives you the incentive to try to cure your problem without calling Customer Support.

NetZero 911 Calling

At this time 911 calls from your NetZero Computer phone will not work.

NetZero Voice International

Netzero voice will work almost anywhere you can get internet access. You must have a United States billing address. You set up your NetZero number in your hometown and answer it from your computer in Mexico, Belize, Thailand, anywhere you have access and a computer set up with Net Zero Software.

Credit Card Required

A credit card will be required to initiate any Free Trial Period. A credit card is required to open a NetZero Voice account. You will be charged the subscription fee if you do not cancel your service before your free service period is over.

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To Cancel NetZero Service

Call 1-800-939-9647 to cancel your NetZero VoIP service.

Click here to go straight to the signup page for NetZero HiSpeed discounted to $9.95/month.