Net 10 Voice Mail

To set up your Net 10 Voice Mail you will have to call in from your Net10 Phone. This is so that someone without your phone cannot set up your Voice Mail. Fear not this can be done in just a couple of minutes. You do not need to completely set up your VoiceMail from your Net 10 phone. You can call back in from a landline to finish the setup.

Do I have to check my voicemail from My Net 10 phone?

You can easily check and use your Net 10 Voice Mail from a landline once you have set it up. You can easily change your message and check your messages from a landline once you have reset your PIN.

Don't Set Up your Voicemail??

I didn't set up my voicemail the last time I changed phones. So if you call me and I don't answer you get the message "This Cell phone user has not set up their voicemail." Since Net 10 has caller Id I call back the numbers I want to talk to. If you set up your Net 10 Voice Mail and you get a voicemail message your phone will keep beeping at you until you check your Voicemail. For me it has been much handier to not set up my voicemail.

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