Net10 Unlimited Rollover Compared to Net10 PAYG Rollover

Net10 Unlimited Rollover is completely different than Net10 PAYG roll over.

Net10 Unlimited Rollover

There are two Monthly Net10 plans. They have a $50 per month Unlimited plan and a $25 per month plan. The Unlimited card gives you Unlimited calling, Unlimited texting and Unlimited data for 30 days. The $25 monthly plan gives you 750 minutes and 30 days of service. The Monthly Net10 plan minutes and service time do not roll over.

Net 10 PAYG

Net10 PAYG is a lot like Tracfone PAYG. You purchase the phone, and add phone cards. The PAYG minutes are 10 cents each or a little less and you extend your service by a month for every $15 you spend. The minutes and service time roll over.

Net10 Roll Over is more complicated with the addition of Monthly plans.

Net10 Rollover Explained

  • Monthly plans erase and get erased when you add another card.
  • PAYG service and minutes only roll over when adding another PAYG card.
  • Monthly service balances will be erased if you add a PAYG card or a Monthly card.
  • PAYG service and minute balances will be erased if you add a monthly card.
NET10 UNLIMITED - Nationwide Talk*Text*Web/Email

Examples of Net10 Roll Over

If you have 120 minutes and 3 days of PAYG service when you add a 300 minute 60 day PAYG card you will end up with 420 minutes and 63 days.

If you have 120 minutes and 3 days of PAYG service when you add a Monthly Unlimited card you will erase your PAYG balance and get 30 days of Unlimited service.

If you have 10 days left on a monthly plan and you add a $30 300 minute/60 day PAYG card you will erase the 10 days and get 300 minutes and 60 days.

If you have 10 days left on a monthly plan and add another Monthly card your balance will be erased and you will end up with 30 days of the monthly service.

Remember Net10 will only roll over when you add a PAYG card while you are using PAYG service.

Streaming Audio and Video

The streaming part of Net10 data is clipped. You cannot get streaming audio like a radio station or Pandora on your phone. You can surf the web as much as you want but the streaming sites will not work.

Mininmum Monthly Charges

The Monthly plans will cost you at least $25 per month and the PAYG plans will cost you at least $15 per month. Net10 Unlimited Rollover.

Net10 Flexibility

Having both PAYG plans and Monthly plans can be handy if you know in advance when you will have months with very low usage. You can switch from a monthly plan to PAYG and only spend $15 per month for a couple of months and then switch back to a monthly plan when you use up almost all of your PAYG minutes.

Keeping your Net10 Phone Number

Normally if you renew/reactivate your phone within 30 days of deactivation you will get the same phone number. If your phone number is very important to you be sure your phone never runs out of service time and minutes.

What is a Month to Net10?

for simplicity I have called thirty days a month. Actually all of the Net10 plans work in 30 day increments. With the Monthly plans they last 30 days even in February which usually only has 28 days.

Running out of Minutes or Time

If you let your service lapse by running out of either minutes or time you might lose your phone number.

Reactivation Fee

There is no reactivation fee if you let your service lapse. The only problem if you let service lapse is you might lose your phone number.

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