Net10 Unlimited Prepaid Wireless

The new Net10 Unlimited Wireless Monthly Plan is now available for $50 per month. They also have a new $25 per month 750 minute plan.

Net10 Prepaid has always been Ten Cents a minute, PAYG (pay as you go). For the last couple of years you always got 300 minutes and 60 days of service for free when you activated your phone. The cost of phones and minutes has changed, the minutes are continuing to get cheaper. Also they now offer you Monthly plans that provide extra minutes per dollar spent. You can also continue to purchase with the inexpensive PAYG plan they have always had. You can migrate from the PAYG to the Monthly plan and back without paying an extra service fee.

Net 10 Wireless New Pricing.

10 Cent Minutes
$15 a month--Purchase a $30 sixty day PAYG card and get 300 units.

6.66 Cents a minute
$20 a month--Purchase a $60 90 day PAYG card and get 900 minutes--only available at Net10

3 Cents a Minute **Monthly Plan only**
$25 a month--Purchase a $25 Monthly card and get 750 minutes --Only available at The 750 minutes will need to be used within 30 days of installing the card on your phone.

Net 10 Unlimited Minutes
$50 a month--Purchase $50 Monthly card for unlimited minutes, text/picture messaging, web, email, 411 calls. Only available at

NET10 UNLIMITED - Nationwide Talk*Text*Web/Email

New Net10 Unlimited Prepaid Phone Pricing

Only a few of the phones now come with 300 free minutes. They Some of the phones now come with the thirty day Unlimited plan. Not all of the phones come with 300 free minutes. Be sure to check the fine print when purchasing a Net10 Prepaid phone to make sure you are getting the addional free minutes. Most of the under $25 phones will not come with 300 free minutes.

Roll Over with Net10 Unlimited

Carry over is now different for various Net10 options. The $25 and $50 Monthly cards do not roll over time or minutes.

So if you purchase a Net10 Cellular "Monthly" Card you will get 30 days to use your 750 or Unlimited minutes. If you purchase a Payg Pay as you Go minute card like the $30/60 day card then your service time and minutes will roll over if you keep your service active.

The PAYG (pay as you go) cards Do roll over minutes and service time.

Changing Plans with Net 10

If you want to change from Pay as you go to Monthly service there is no extra charge. You can switch back to PAYG simply by adding another PAYG card. Don't forget the Monthly cards do not roll over. When you add another card with monthly service your previous units and service time will become invalid.

When adding a Monthly phone card it will erase any PAYG or Monthly minutes or service time remaining.

Net 10 Prepaid Monthly Card Warning

If you are using the Monthly service plan and you add in a fresh card your earlier balance will not carry forward. An example would be if you have 100 minutes and 12 days left and you add another 750 minute card you will just end up with 750 minutes and 30 days, you will not end up with 850 minutes and 42 days.

It always costs at least $15 per month to always keep your Net10 phone active.

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For the best selection of phones that will work as either PAYG or Monthly plans check out Net10 Unlimited Wireless Plan at