How to Solve Net10-Wireless Problems

Net10-Wireless Problems can take time to solve but if you are persistant they can be remedied.

Net 10 wireless is a division of Tracfone. All of the customer service is done by offshore South or Central American providers. If you are fluent in Spanish you will actually get better Net10 Customer Service by choosing the Spanish language option when you first get on the phone.

Before you Call Net10-Wireless

Write down the Serial number of your phone, the phone Number and Net10 1-877-836-2368. I put these numbers on the back of a business card and then put clear tape over it. I store these numbers in my wallet in case my phone is lost or stolen.

If you are having problems with a Net10 phone card have it with you.

Net10 Phone cards will always have 15 digit numbers.

Firm Persistance

Call Net 10 from a land line. I have found the customer service agents often have trouble understanding what I am saying. If you cannot communicate with the agent you are talking to hang up and call back. Sometimes this can actually save you time.

Do not get Angry

The people helping you are trying to help. They are working on a computer terminal that answers their questions. Often they will ask you if they can put you on hold so they can get the answer to your question. Some problems they cannot cure. Net10-Wireless does not own the Cell phone network that your phone works on. They buy minutes from T-mobile and Cingular. Sometimes they have to wait for Cingular or T-Mobile to fix the problem you are having with your phone.
Net10 Nokia 1600 next to a Net10 Lg 225 Camera Phone
Net10 Nokia 1600 next to a Net10 Lg 225 Camera Phone.

Ask to speak to a Supervisor

Sometimes when you just cannot get the agent to understand or fix your problem, ask to speak to a Net10 Wireless supervisor. Your call will sometimes get dropped before you get to talk to the supervisor. Have patience and call back.

Ask for some FREE minutes for Your Inconvenience

When you are done talking to the Net10 Customer Service agent ask for some free minutes for your inconvenience. I have gotten 60 Free Minutes just by asking. I hope this is helpful and good luck.

Net10-Wireless November 2008 Update

I have called Net10 customer service several times in the last couple of weeks. They have answered my calls quickly and been able to transfer my minutes and phone numbers much faster. The change from two years ago is striking.

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