The New Net10-Special-Deal on Wireless

The New Net10-Special-Deal on Cell Phones has several different options.

Free Shipping on all orders over $19.99.

Free Gift Box with any phone purchase.

Get a Free Universal Accesory Kit with any Net10 phone offer over $59.99!
This kit includes a Car Charger, a Phone Pouch, and a Hands free headset for your phone. This is a great deal at $19.99 the normal price but for free it is even better. The car charger is really handy especially when traveling.

Buy the Basic Refurbished Nokia 1100 it will now be $29.95 instead of $39.95. This Net10-Special-Deal also comes with 300 free minutes. In Effect you are buying 300 minutes for 10 cents a minute and getting a free Net 10 Cell phone.

Buy the New Nokia 2600 for $39.95 (regularly $89.95)0 This also includes 300 free minutes so the phone really only costs you $10. This is a Sweet Net 10 Wireless Cell phone at a Great price.

Buy the Reconditioned Motorola V171 is only $39.95. This is a Net10-Special-Deal on a very nice compact flip phone with a color screen, and a real solid feel. It comes with a one year warrantee from Net10. I have had excellent luck with the reconditioned cell phones I have bought from Net10-Tracfone. The only way you can tell they are refurbished is by the marking on the box.

Net Ten equals 10 Cents per Minute

Net Ten wireless is always 10 cents per minute.
This is the best per minute rate in Prepaid Cellular Wireless.
One rate for all calls in the US,
No roaming charges,
No long distance charges,
No hidden fees,
Unused minutes rollover if you keep your phone active.
Just announced by Net10 is their new International Long Distance for 5 Cents per minute more(15 cents per Minute).
With your Net 10 Phone you can now direct dial Many different countries.

Buy online from the Net10 Company Website, You will get the best deal and have the best selection to choose from.