The Latest Net10-Prepaid-Cell Phone Special

Net10-Prepaid-Cell Phones now come with 300 mintutes free. This makes the phones a much better deal. You are basically getting a $30 discount on the phones.

Free Net10 Cell Phone

On the Net 10 website they often have Refurbished phones for $30 to $50. This is essentially a free phone when you figure it comes with 300 minutes and 60 days of activation.

Net10-Prepaid-Cell...Pay As You Go Made Simple

Net10 Pay as you go is as simple as it gets. You buy the phone, it comes with 300 minutes and 60 days of activity time. Then within the next 60 days or before you use all your minutes you add another $30 card.

Net10 Ten Cents Per Minute

Ten Cents per minute all the time is the best deal in Prepaid Cell phones. Net10 charges 10 cents per minute from anywhere your phone works in the Continental US to any phone in the Continental US. No extra charges for Long Distance or Roaming. Always 10 Cents

For a limited time, get free shipping on orders of $19.99 or more at

International Net10 Cell Service

To make an International Call from your Net10 Prepaid Cell phone it Costs an extra 5 cents per minute (15 cents per Minute total). The Net 10 website has simple instructions on calling to different countries with each different phone they offer. This makes international calling easy and affordable.