Net10 Free 300 Minutes

How to get Net10 Free 300 Minutes, The 300 promised by Net 10.

The Free 300 minutes with each Net10 phone offer has changed. When it was first offered when you activated your phone they added an extra 100 minutes with the first 3 cards you added. Now if you buy their cheapest phone available which is often $29.95 you are getting the phone for free. You now get 300 minutes and 60 days of service as soon as you activate your Net10 Free 300 Minutes phone.

A warning about NET10/Tracfone customer service. You need to call from a land line and you need to have time to deal with them. Often for the simplest request it will take an hour or longer. My experience with Net10 has been very good, I have not had to call customer service since my minutes added on right away.

This Picture shows the Moto W370, Lg 3280, LG 200c,
Motorola Razr, Moto C261 Camera Phone.
All of these phones are available for NET10 and Tracfone
except the Razr.

With any Net10 Phone purchase the extra 300 minutes is like getting the phone for $30 less. This brings the price of the higher $60 or $70 phones down to more like $30 to $40. I

I do not like to have a lot of minutes on my phone. If the phone gets broken, lost or stolen it is really hard to get Net10 Prepaid to give you your minutes. I do not believe that NET10 has a running total of the minutes on your phone. The phones run on networks that are not owned by NET10 so the system is set up for your phone to actually keep track of the minutes on it.

When you Buy a Net10 PAYG Cell Phone you need to buy a card with it. When you activate your phone you will only get 300 minutes for free-- This is enough minutes to test your new phone. Net10 Free 300 Minutes.

Testing your NEW Net 10 Phone

Do not put a card into your phone when you first activate your phone. The free minutes you should use to try to make calls from your home, front yard, back yard, wherever you will normally be using your phone to make sure it will work for you. If it will not work for you you can take the phone back for a refund in the first 30 days. You will not be able to get a refund on Net 10 minute cards after you have installed them on your phone.

Minute Charges round up on NET10

Whenever you push send on your phone you will be charged for the first minute. You will be charged as soon as you answer your phone the minimum of one minute even if you just answer the phone and then hang it up. If you talk for one minute plus one second you will be charged for 2 minutes.

Buy NET 10 minutes with your Phone

When you buy a NET10 PAYG Cell Phone be sure to buy a minute card. When you activate your phone you will get 10 minutes but you need to add a card once you figure out if the phone will work for you. Net10 Free 300 Minutes.

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