How I Rated Motorola-v60i.

Rating the Motorola-v60i Flip Phone.

I have been using mine for a year with outstanding results.

I bought a refurbished V60i from Tracfone and it has been in my pocket with me daily ever since. I have had absolutely no problems, it gets good reception, never accidentally dials out, and has been a great alarm clock, pocket watch and text messeger.

With the caller ID I do use it a lot as a pager (I don't answer the phone if I am near a land line and I just call back)

My Motorola Prepaid Tracphone Flip Phone V60i has been a great working unit. For a long time the

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Motorola V60i

was the only Flip Phone that Tracfone had available.

Just recently the new Motorola V170 has become available also.

I have some great tips on how to Save Tracphone Minutes on your Motorola-v60i and how to get FREE Tracfone Minutes.

To check to see if you can get the Tracfone v60i Cell or the V170 check out the Tracfone Website.