Motorola W375 Activation and Assembly

The Motorola W375 Activation is very simple with NET10 Wireless.. You have two choices, either online at or you can call the Net10 toll free number 1-877-836-2368.

Before you call be sure to have both your Phone's Serial number and the Sim Card Serial Number. I write them down in big print so I do not have to read them out of the phone while I am talking on the phone.

Photo of Motorola W375 on Tracfone Tips.

Where are the Serial numbers?

Push the Menu button then select "Prepaid." Scroll down and you will see "Serial Number" and below that you will see "SIM Serial Number" also.

The Phone serial number is also on the back of your phone under the Battery. The SIM serial number is on the SIM card also. Both of these numbers are in very tiny print and are hard to read. It is easier to use the Prepaid Menu and read them from the screen of the phone.

It takes longer to call NET10 Customer service to activate than it does to go online to Web Site.

Motorola W375 Activation Online

Go to the Net10 Web Site.

Select the "Activate Reactivate Phone" on the home page.

Select the phone you are activating.

Put in the Serial number of the Phone.

Put in the SIM card serial number.

Then Net10 will tell you to turn your phone off and then on after five minutes and your phone will be working when it comes back on. It is really simple.

Motorola W375 Assembly

First the SIM card needs to be installed. It slips under a little silver cover. The open contacts on the SIM card need to be pointed in toward the phone and the clipped corner of the SIM card needs to match the spot in the phone. The pen tip is pointed at the clipped corner of the SIM card.


This Picture shows the SIM Card installed. When this phone came from NET10 the SIM card was already installed. My fingernails are not strong enough to pull it out so I left it in.

Next the Battery goes in. The four battery contacts match with the phone contacts. The Contacts end goes in first. Then a firm push on the battery engages the catch (Just above the tip of the pen in the picture above).


The Standard Battery for the Motorola W375 is the Motorola BQ50 Lithion Ion 3.7 Volt.

Next, slide on the back cover and your W375 is ready to Activate.

Some of you may have made it to this page by mis spelling Motrola, Motorla, Tracphone, Track Phone, Net Ten without spell checkers I am in big trouble also--lol--Rick.

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