The Motorola C139 is now the best selling
Tracfone and Net10 phone

The Motorola C139 is a Candy bar style phone that is simple and works well for a basic phone. It has a color screen. It doesn't have a camera or internet access but you can talk, text, check your text messages and check your voicemail with it just fine.

This phone is often offered for free from NET10 and TracFone with the purchase of a phone card or one year of service. If you are after basic communication this could work fine.

Photo of the Tracfone Motorola C139.

C139 Pocket Phone

I carry my phone in my left front pocket. This phone is a little fat but the edges are nicely rounded and it fits fine in most of my jeans and all of my shorts. You can easily lock the keyboard so it will not accidentally dial out in your pocket.

This little phone is tough, it will not handle getting wet but it will take a beating and keep working. Besides if you break it you are only out $20 bucks or so. Check out Net10's latest phone specials! Offers start at $29.99. Net 10 prepaid cell phones offer 10 cents a minute all the time.

Lock your Moto C139 Keypad

The "Keypad Lock" keeps your phone from accidentally dialing. Push the "Menu Key" and then push the star(*) key on the bottom left of your phone. The "Menu Key" is the button in the center of the "Round 4-Way Key". Your screen will go dark and will not light up when you press keys when locked until you push the "Menu Key" or the "Red Start/Send Key".

To unlock your keypad you do the same thing. If you forget how do not worry, Push the "Menu Key " and the phone will tell you how to unlock it. This is a really great feature if you let your young children or grand children handle your phone.

Photo of Motorola C139 Cell phone and Charger

This Picture shows the Motorola C139 "Menu Key."

The Moto C139 Battery is model SNN5749A Z6G739EMREFZ.31 and is a 3.6v Lithium Ion model from Motorola.

Tracfone offers the Moto C139 for free with the purchase of a $20 Sixty minute card most of the time. Buy an LG 225 at TracFone and get double minutes for the life of the phone!


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The Net10 price for Minutes is always 10 cents or less. Link from Motorola C139 to Net10 Wireless.