Simple Motorola C139 Assembly

The Motorola C139 Assembly is very easy. This phone is sold by both and TracFone Wireless.

Photo of the Motorola C139 wireless phone from Tracfone

Start with all the parts. The phone, the SIM card, the Battery, and the Charger.

<Motorola C139 SIM card

This picture shows the SIM card installed. It came from installed and my fingernails weren't strong enough to extract it. You can see it slides under a metal sleeve and the clipped corner matches the indent in the phone. The SIM card can only properly go in one way. The Battery goes in over the top.

Motorola C139 Battery installation

Notice the three contacts on the C139 Battery match the contacts in the phone. The battery retaining clip in the C139 is right next to the contacts.

The battery end opposite the contacts goes into the phone first and then the contact end is pushed down until you get the retaining clip to catch.

Then Slide the back cover on. Usually the battery is at least half charged. If it isn't you can plug the charger in and charge it while you are activating your phone.

The GSM phones including the Motorola C139 from Tracfone and NET10 are very easy to activate.

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