Lost-or-Stolen-Tracfone Cell Phone

A friend of mine had a Lost-or-Stolen-Tracfone. He left it on a counter in a Auto Parts store and when he came back later it was gone. He called Tracphone with his ESN and the phone number. They said they would shut the phone off. If he found the phone he could get the minutes he had left and get the phone activated again. Track Phone would not give the minutes left on his phone to him.

So if you have a bunch of minutes on your Lost-or-Stolen-Tracfone you are out of luck. You cannot get the Track Phone Minutes from your phone if your phone is lost or stolen.

Broken Trac Phone Cannot Transfer Minutes

If your Track phone is Broken you cannot get your minutes. If the phone will not power up you cannot get your minutes transferred to another phone.

You can only transfer minutes from a Track phone that powers up. If the screen on your phone breaks but the phone still works you can transfer your minutes off the phone. This happened to a friend of mine if you can believe this, he ran over his Track Phone Nokia 1221 with his car. It broke the screen but the phone would work. He could dial out. He called Tracfone and was able to transfer his minutes to a new phone.

Transfer Your Tracfone Minutes

If you want to transfer minutes you must transfer all of your minutes at one time. If you have several hundred minutes you cannot transfer just 100 minutes from your phone to someone elses Trac Phone. You can only transfer all the minutes from your phone.

With the potential loss of minutes in mind I would not put a lot of minutes on one phone. My recommendation is to put minutes on as you need them. Do not put several cards on your phone at one time.

Where to buy Tracphone Minutes

If your Tracfone is stolen you can ""Replace your Lost-or-Stolen-Tracfone or buy minutes."". This is the official Tracfone Website.

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