Lost or Stolen Net10 Cell Phone?

With a Lost or Stolen Net10 Cell Phone you cannot get your minutes. You can call them and have your phone put on hold--It often will take a couple of days for them to shut your phone off. This is not totally Net10's fault.

Net10 is a MVNO

Net10 is a MVNO which means they are buying minutes and activation time from the major phone networks. They have to call Verizon or Cingular and get them to shut off your service. This is also why it takes time to get your phone hooked up. When you set up your voicemail it is actually being set up by Verizon, At&t, Alltel or whoever happens to be Net10's vendor for your area.

Net10 SIM Card

Net 10 claims they cannot tell how many minutes are on your phone without you having the phone in your hand. I believe this is true. The SIM card in your phone stores minutes purchased and used. They need to be able to access the SIM card to know how many minutes are left on your account.

If you cancel your phone and then find your phone you can call Net10 Prepaid and they will reactivate your phone. This will probably take a day or two.

Broken NET Ten Phone

If your Net10 phone is broken you will be able to transfer your minutes to a new phone if your Sim Card is not broken. Your minutes are stored on your SIM Card. You cannot transfer this SIM card from phone to phone because Net10 links the SIM card activation to the phone it is in. You will need to call Net10 Customer Service to get the minutes from your SIM card and the broken phone.

Net10 Toll Free

To Contact NET10 Customer Service call 1-877-836-2368 This will cost you minutes on your Net10 Phone but is Toll Free on a land line. Be sure to have you Phone Serial Number handy. I wrote mine down on the back of a business card and have it in my wallet. I have trouble reading it off the screen of my NET10 Cell Phone.

Net10 Minutes

Always buy the smallest card for your Net Ten Phone. Buy the $30 cards and do not put them in until you are almost out of minutes or activation time. This way if you have a Lost or Stolen Net10 Cell Phone you will lose the least amount of minutes. If you have a Lost or Stolen Net10 Cell Phone check out the New and reconditioned phones on sale now at Net10.

Net10 is a division of Tracfone.

Net 10 and Tracfone are both owned by the same company. They are both serviced by the same Customer Service centers. I believe Net10 was set up because Tracfone was getting a much better deal on minutes and activation time from AT&T (Cingular) and T-Mobile which are both GSM carriers than they were getting from Verizon and Alltel. Tracfone has advertized that they can provide service in every zip code in the US. To do that they had to offers service from Verizon and Alltel. Net10 is only offering service where GSM works on At&t and T-Mobile.

Net10 is the Best Prepaid Deal

If you live in an area where AT&T or T-Mobile has good coverage, Net10 is probably the best Prepaid pay per minute service available. Check out the reconditioned phones on sale now at Net10.
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