The Kyocera K126c Menu Explained

the Kyocera K126c Menu and Assembly for Compare Prepaid Cell Phones. This newly released phone for Tracfone and NET10 is a CDMA model. This phone will work and roam on the Verizon, Alltel, and Us Cellular networks. This phone has very good coverage nationwide.

The K126 is a simple slim candy bar style phone. Often you can get the phone for Free from the Tracfone website with the purchase of minutes. It is often $14.95 or $19.95 to purchase at Wal-mart, Target, Staples or many of the box stores nationwide. This phone replaces the Nokia 2126 which is no longer being imported into the United States because of some patent issues. The K126 is about the same size but the 2126 is a bit thicker.

Kyocera K126 Net10 and Nokia 2126 Tracfone

Kyocera K126 on Left and Motorola C139 on the right.

The Kyocera K126 Menu Keys

Four Way Navigation Key--This is the main silver button in the center top of your phone.

  1. Push up on the 4-way navigation key and you will get the message "Push and hold for send new message." This is the quickest way to start and send a text message.
  2. Press and hold the 4-way navigation key to the right to adjust ringer volume.
  3. Press and hold the 4-way navigation key to the left to go to the messages Kyocera K126c menu.
  4. Press and hold the 4-way navigation key down to go to the contacts list.

OK Key--Above and to the left of the Four Way Navigation Key with "OK" written on it. This
key is directly below the screen and usually does what is above it on the screen. The OK key and the Back key are often called Soft keys because they do different things depending on where you are in the menu.

Back Key--Above and to the right of the Four Way Navigation Key with "Back" written on it.
This key is directly below the screen and usually does what is above it on the screen.

Send/Talk Key--Green to the left of the Four Way Navigation Key.
Push this key to answer the phone if it is ringing or pushing it after you put in the number will start the call.

End/Power Key-Red to the right of the Four Way Navigation Key.
This key turns your phone on and off. Hold it down for 5 to 10 seconds and it will change the state of your phone from on to off or off to on. This key also takes you back to the home page. If you have navigated into your menu and want to back out pushing this button will take you all the way back to the home menu. If you push the "Back" button it will only take you one step back.

Kyocera K126 Assembly

Kyocera K126c Phone, Battery and Cover.

K126c back cover, Battery, and Phone.

Kyocera K126 Battery Contacts

Kyocera K126 Battery ContactsThis is a CDMA phone so it does not have a SIM Card.

Kyocera K126c with Battery installed
K126 with Battery Installed

K126 Back

K126 with Back installed

It is very simple to assemble the K126c. You start with the Battery, Phone, and the Back cover. The battery has three contacts that match up with the three contacts on the phone. Kyocera K126c Menu

The contact end of the battery goes into the phone first. Then you press the battery into the cavity. The Back cover goes on next. The little tab on the top of the cover goes into the phone, then the cover snaps down on.

Kyocera K126c Menu Battery

The Battery for the Kyocera K126 is the Kyocera model TXBAT10133 CV90-N3344-05. It is a 3.7 volt 900mAh. I have found this battery excellent at holding a charge. I have had my phone on for over a week without it running out of juice. Batteries tend to last a lot longer in the basic phones because the simple screen and lack of accessories do not pull as much juice.

Recharge your K126

The charger hole is on the very bottom of the phone you can see it is the second hole below the tip of the pen in the picture on the left.

K126 Availability

This phone will be available where only a CDMA network works and not the GSM networks. This phone will not be for sale if you live in an area where AT&T or T-Mobile work (they are both GSM networks). If you would rather have your Net10 or Tracfone work on the Verizon, or Alltel network you can purchase the CDMA version by putting a Montana zip code like 59601 in for the area you are going to use the phone. This would be when buying from the NET10 or Tracfone websites. The Kyocera K126c Menu on the Tracfone and the Net10 phones are identical.

Kyocera K126c from Net10 and Tracfone.

Kyocera K126c From Tracfone and Net10

Net10 K126c

The K126 from Net10 is usually about $15 or $20 more than the Tracfone version but when you activate it you get 300 minutes. Unless you use less than 100 minutes per month the Net10 prepaid deal is probably a better plan for you than the Tracfone. Link from Kyocera K126c Menu to Net10 and get 300 minutes Free!