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I have an idea for a new hobby for you. Build a hobby website.

This can be a long term growth project.

Growth in a couple of different ways. Your thoughts and your knowledge of the web, and your bank account.

It may take a year before you start making money or it may just take a few months but the potential to make money from your work and writing is huge. I can speak from personal experience.

The growth you will get out of writing will be amazing. The quality of your writing will improve significantly. The knowledge about your subject will increase dramatically. To quote Jonathon Livingston Seagull--I think--"You teach best what you most need to learn."

My Experience with SiteSell

I am sure my SiteSell hobby website profit is not a fluke. Mine is mildly successful. My income from four sources for the 23rd month of my site was just over $3000. My best month previous to that was $1840. Yes for the month. If you put about twenty hours a month into working on it, I believe it would pay better. I had 250 hours into it in the first four months but I have averaged less than ten hours a month since then.

Here is a link to the SBI order page.

Twenty hours a month

Twenty hours a month is less time than the average American spends watching TV. That twenty hours can be spread over the whole month. No deadlines. If you have a goal of 14 pages a month your site will grow rapidly over time. The consistent long term work will win over Google---and your pages and site will go up the rankings. Persistently adding good content is what wins the rankings.

Continue Learning

You could write off the hobby website expense as education. I have benefited enough from my research and writing to have done my journey without making money and to easily justify Solo Build It as continuing education. Watching the traffic grow can be fun, I remember the first time I had 100 people through my site in a day I thought I had hit the big time. I recently in my 24th month had over 1500 people through the site in a day---way cool. But making money has made it even more fun.

Finding a Niche

Do not worry about what your site is going to be about.---That is a huge part of Solo Build It. The Brainstorm it section of the hobby website will help you get into a profitable niche. You are able to determine the size of the niche and the competition in the niche with the help of the Brainstorm it function. They also teach you how to decide if it is the right niche for you.

The SiteSell Basics

There are several functions of Solo Build It. The first function is the overview. I really like the SiteSell Video Tour for a simple overview.

The Solo Build It hobby website hosting includes more than just a Domain registration, hosting and a website builder like almost all the other web hosts. Solo Build It is completely different.

Included with SBI

SBI Tools include Domain, Hosting, Graphics tools, Simple Site building, Easy Blogging, Brainstorming, Newsletter Publishing, Spam Check, Open rate, Traffic Stats, SEO (search engine optimization, Automatic Search Engine submitting, Automatic Search Engine tracking, Autormatic Search Engine Ranking, Ranking Reports for Directories, Pay Per Click Research and Mass Bidding, The Four Traffic Headquarters, Action Guide and Fast Track Guide, Integrated Online Help, SBI Xpress E-zine, Tips and Techniques Headquarters, Unlimited Customer Support, Form Build It, Autoresponder, Link Fix it, Webmail, and Value Exchange.

Each of these tools comes with complete instructions and demos on how to use it. Honestly I have only used about half of the tools. The ones I have used have worked very well.

Simple Simple SBI

Do not be intimidated. Many of the tools work without you doing anything. The education is very simple step by step. Both Video and written instructions come with almost every tool. Every step of the way in building your website you have simple instructions. The Action Guide that you follow to build your site is first rate. One simple step at a time.

When I was looking at building a website and I came across the Solo Build It Results pages and started looking. All these sites are built with Solo Build It by normal everyday Joes and Jills. The sites are amazing. Google loves Solo Build It sites because they are real. The sites give human researched and written facts and opinions. They aren't built with SEO Scrapers or any fad mini site link system. They are down to earth well written theme oriented organized websites. Your site if you work at it will grow in value.

The First Thirty Pages

Most Solo Build It sites with over 100 pages are very successful. After my first ten pages I knew it was going to be easy. It gets way easier after the first ten pages. If you have read "The Dip" by Seth Godin you will understand that the dip from my view is about 30 pages.

Solo Build It is also known as SiteSell.

Thank You for reading this and good luck on your Journey.


This video is from Elad, another successful character from the SBI Community.

Here is a link to the Solo Build It order page. Remember he who hesitates is hesitant.

Here is to Your SBI Website Success,

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