Get a Free-Prepaid-Cell-Phone from Tracfone

This is really easy, go to the Tracfone website to get a Free-Prepaid-Cell-Phone. They almost always have a deal to get a free Cellular phone. They refurbish the Motorola 120s or the Nokia 2126 for working on the Verizon and Alltel CDMA networks. They are using the Nokia 1100 as their free refubished phone in most other areas on either the Cingular or T-Mobile GSM networks. Either of these phones you can usually get for free.

If you click on Free Tracfone Cell Phone you will be asked for your zip code.

Put in the zip code you will be using the phone in. Then there will be several options.

They almost always have a refurbished phone for free if you buy either a $20 or $30 minute card.

This is a very good deal.

Get A FREE Net10 Cell Phone

Net 10 has now gotten into the Free Cell phone game also. Originally Net10 charged $60 to $90 for their phones and 10 cents for their minutes as their name implies. Now you can often get a refurbished Nokia 1100 for $30 with $30 of airtime included.

Net 10 minutes are normally cheaper than Tracfone's minutes. Net10's phones only work on the GSM networks of Cingular and T-Mobile and will not work in areas that only have CDMA service from Verizon and Alltel.

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