Which Contract-Cell-Phone Plan Fits Me Best?

I have several questions for you to answer before you choose your Contract-Cell-Phone plan.

Since the national ratings don't necessarily match your local conditions here are some great questions to think about.

Take your time before you sign up most of the contracts you will sign will lock you into 2 years of payments.

  • Who do I normally talk to on my Cell phone?

  • Do I travel a lot so do I want a National plan?

  • Which phone should I buy?

  • What Contract-Cell-Phone plan are my friends on?

  • Will most of my Cell phone usage be on nights and weekends?

  • What time does the phone kick into Nights and Weekends?

  • Do I plan on using text Messaging?

  • Will my significant other be on the same Contract-Cell-Phone plan?

  • Will I use the picture phone?

  • Will my boss pay part of my phone bill?

  • Should I put my kids on the plan with me?

  • What does it cost if I go over my minutes?

    Some bits of wisdom I have learned.

  • Kids will talk more than their parents if given the chance.

  • Kids will talk less if they have unlimited texting.

  • The picture phone is a lot of fun. You will probably use it if you get one.

  • Text messaging can save time and airtime minutes. I didn't think I'd use texting but I find it pretty handy.

  • If most of your kid's friends are on one network that might be the way to go. I would go with the plan that was best for the heaviest user in my group.(Significant other or children)

  • I would not buy a phone that did not fold up.

  • I would get the fanciest phone that comes with the plan that doesn't cost extra.

  • Learn to use the features on your phone. Some things on your phone will be really handy if you learn how to use them.

  • Do not sign up for a plan with someone who is not likely to be able to pay their own way unless you are willing to pay their way.

    Take your time

    Take your time, Ask around. Verizon and T-Mobile have the best rated networks nationally but that might not be true where you live.

    You will have Return priviledges with all Cellular plans. It could be from 3 days to 30 days. Check it out before you buy your phone.

    If you end up with a company you are not happy with you will have to grin and bear it for a couple of years. Most contracts are for 2 years.

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    Who has the Best Contract-Cell-Phone Network?

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