To Compare-LetsTalk-Wirefly websites I priced several different plans from Verizon, Alltel and T-Mobile. The two companies usually have the same prices on the phones. The phone prices seemed to be $50 to $140 cheaper than buying from the Cell company that was providing the service (Alltel, Verizon, T-Mobile, Cingular, etc.)

Compare-LetsTalk-Wirefly Monthly plan prices

The Plan prices and details are always the same for the LetsTalk and Wirefly.

The monthly charge for your cell phone will be the same no matter where you sign up LetTalk, Wirefly, T-Mobile website, T-Mobile local office, Verizon website, Verizon local office. The difference is in the price of the phone and the amount of the rebate (if offered).

LetsTalk, Easier way to buy a cell phone


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Save Money buy your next Cell Phone Online

You will either get a better phone or a bigger rebate on your phone if you buy it online from LetsTalk or Wirefly.

LetsTalk vs Wirefly Rebates

Both companies will charge you to get the fancier phones but will rebate it back to you.

LetsTalk seems to have significantly simpler rebates than WireFly.
On some phones Wirefly required you to send in three different rebates to get the deal they were advertizing.

Rebate Warning

Read all of the fine print BEFORE you purchase if you intend to send in the rebates. If all the paperwork is not in order they will turn down your request for a rebate. Be very careful of the time that you can send in your rebate form. Both LetsTalk and Wirefly have a narrow window of time to send in your Rebate. The Wirefly window on most of their rebates is smaller than LetsTalk.

If you Compare-LetsTalk-Wirefly I think you will choose

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