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Tracfone TMFL Released

The Best Deal now available for Tracfone is their new Triple Minutes for Life Program.

You will save 33.3 percent on all your minute purchases compared to a DMFL phone and 66 percent vs a regular tracfone. If you are a moderate to heavy Tracfone minute user you will save a lot by going to a TMFL Phone.

How to Get Tracfone TMFL

At this time the only way to get TMFL is to purchase a TMFL phone from the Website.

Purchase Discount Codes for Buying a Tracfone

$3 off If you are buying a Tracfone Phone Use Code 23444.

$5 off If you are spending over $25 on a phone use code 44477.

Use code 88150 for the free accessory kit.

Buy a Tracfone with a card and use code 88150 and then 23444 or 44477 and get your cards for less at


Straight Talk Free Phone Deals

Get the LG 290C Slider (reg $60), or the LG 220c Flip phone (reg $40) with a $30 or $45 phone card purchase at Straight

LG290C All You Need - Free Phone

Get $3 off on any phone or accessory $19.99 or more with coupon code 23444

With DMFL you get 120 minutes from the 60 minute card. 120 minute and a free phone for $7 is a great deal. Next day air sweetens the pot.


Valid Bonus Codes for Tracfone

Go to and go to the Buy Airtime Page. Then when you have clicked on the "Buy Airtime Online" decide what size phone card you want. Scroll down and put in your Tracfone Promo Code, your phone number, and click on "Continue". Then finish your Tracfone card purchase.

Tracfone 30 Minute 30 Day Card There are not any codes that work with the 30 minute cards.

Promotional Codes for Tracfone 60 Minute 90 Day Card

78725 for 30 minutes, 78752 for 30 min, 97648 for 30 min, 39713 for 30 min, 47238 for 30 min, 53211 for 30 min, 54496 for 30 min, --55698 for 20 min, 32949 for 20 min, 53390 for 20 min, 98444 for 20 min, 72244 for 20 min, 15970 for 20 min, 51876 for 20 min,

Codes for Tracfone 120 Minute 90 Day Card

59020 for 40 Minutes, 42647 for 40 min, 30878 for 40 min, 41937 for 40 min, 26733 for 40 min, --19453 for 30 min, 11300 for 30 min, 32366 for 30 min, 39713 for 30 min, 26075 for 30 min, 54496 for 30 min,

Codes for Tracfone 200 Minute 90 Day Card

78349 for 60 min, --92920 for 50 min, 11080 for 50 min, 81024 for 50 min, --64518 for 40 min, 59020 for 40 min, 41937 for 40 min, 26733 for 40 min,

Bonus Codes for Tracfone 450/90 day Minute Card

29058 for 80 Minutes, 33261-50 min, 32226-50 min, 81024-50 min, 59020-50 min,

Promo Codes for Tracfone 400 Minute Yearly Card

65588 for 250 minutes, 51470 for 200 min, 34054 for 200 min, 45878 for 200 min, 88137 for 250 min, 94432 for 100 min, 42600-250min, 72442-250 min, 21191-250 min, 25699-250min, 11475-250min, 34054-200min, 45878-200min,


What are you Spending per Month on your Tracfone?

Are you buying a $30 card every two weeks? If you have a lot of backed up service time then you might be better off with a different plan.

$25 per Month

For $25 a month you can get 750 minutes with a Net10 monthly plan. With Tracfone you will get around 250 minutes a month for $25. Check out the Net10 3 Cent Minute deal.

$30 per Month

For $30 a month you can get 1,000 minutes per month and 1,000 texts with the "All you need" plan from Straight

$45 per month

For $45 per month you can get Unlimted calling, texts, data and 411 calls from Straight Talk. If you are spending $45 per month on a Tracfone you are only getting around 500 minutes per month.

Are you buying a $20 in Tracfone minutes every three months? Congrats, you are getting the best deal available on a prepaid phone. You are spending less than $7 a month for the safety of a cell phone and the convenience of always being able to make a call.

Codes for Tracfone Refill Tips

If you add your minutes from the Web site you will get 3 tries to add a bonus code.
  • Most Bonus codes will only work once on your phone
  • If you add Minutes and use Bonus codes on the Tracfone Website you will get three chances to try to get a Bonus Code to work.
  • If you buy minutes from your phone you only get one chance to add a valid bonus code.

What are Codes for Tracfone?

Codes for Tracfone are 5 Digit numbers that Tracfone puts out that will give you bonus minutes when you add a Minute card (PIN Number) to your Tracfone.

What are Tracfone PIN Numbers?

PIN numbers are the 15 digit numbers that you will add to your Tracfone to add minutes and service time to your phone. You always have to buy a 15 digit PIN number to add minutes to your phone.

All Promotional Bonus Codes for Tracfone are not equal.

  • Some will work with smaller Tracfone cards and some will only work with the larger cards.
  • Often if a bonus code works on a smaller card it will work on the medium and larger cards also.
  • Some cards will only work once on a phone.
  • Some codes seem to work at random, on some phones and not on others.
Bonus Code Expiration

The Bonus codes often work after the stated expiration date I no longer post the expiration date because they seem to be incorrect all the time.

Purchase Discount Codes

One Year Double Minute Card $10 discount 69555

$3 off any Phone Purchase 23444

$5 off any phone purchase over $25 44477

Replace your Tracfone to Reuse Bonus Codes?

Since many bonus codes will only work once on your phone this may get you some extra minutes. If you use a lot of minutes and bonus codes you can replace your Tracfone and use Bonus codes that you have already used but will not work on your current phone. If it is the same as the old phone you can use the spare charger and the battery as spares.

I usually buy two Tracfones at a time when I buy them so I have a spare charger and battery.

The Best Tracfone Yearly Plans

Entering Bonus Codes directly from your phone.

This can be done, immediately after putting in the 15 digit PIN put in the 5 digit bonus code. Do not add any spaces or anything. You only have one chance to use a bonus code from your phone. If you have used the bonus code previously you will not be able to try another code.

Entering Bonus Codes Online I Recommend This!

If you add your minutes online you will get three chances to add a current unused Tracfone Promotional Bonus code onto your phone. The third attempt will go through even if the bonus code does not work.

LG 420G + Free Shipping

Super Size my Tracfone

When you purchase a phone card from the website after you add the phone card to your purchases you will get an option screen show up that offers you One year of Service for $50. Some people who have a lot of minutes built up and do not expect to use their minutes can use this option.

Tracfone DMFL--Don't Tracfone without it!

Most of the nicer Tracfones now come with DMFL included.  I do not recommend putting minutes on any phone without DMFL.  The DMFL card costs $20 but you can normally purchase a new phone with DMFL for the same price.  Currently you can purchase a W376 with DMFL for $19.99.

Net10 Purchase Discount Code

Net10 Phone Purchase Discount Code Save $3 on a Phone purchase with Net10 Code 34567 at . Since Net10 is a sister company I have put these Net10 codes on Codes for Tracfone.

Track Phone, Trac Phone, Trackfone are all misspellings of Tracfone.

Tracfone Minutes Roll Over

The Track Phone minutes roll over as long as you keep minutes on your phone. Do not let your access expire. The readout on all Track Phones will tell you when your access expires. You will lose your phone number if you let your access expire. Between 30 and 60 days after access expires you will lose your minutes also. Always be sure to use Codes for Tracfone for FREE minutes.

Check out the New Tracfone LG 200c Prepaid Cell Phone and use Codes for Tracfone buying code 23444 to save $3 on your phone purchase.

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This Promotional Codes-for-Tracfone page is a bit long but I have tried to jam as much information into it as I can.

Thanks, Rick the Prepaid Cell Phone Guy