New Cingular Go Bonus Rewards Prepaid Customers

The New Cingular Go Bonus reward plan now rewards regular Prepaid Customers. The more you spend on any of the Cingular Go plans the better the discount. It maxes out at a 20 percent.

Cingular Go Discounts

Spend More Get More

The new addition to the "GO" plans gives you a $5 bonus after the first $100, then a $10 Bonus after the second $100 purchase, then a $15 bonus after the third $100 purchase. This Bonus plan starts as of October 2006.

From then on you get a $20 bonus for every $100 you spend.

Finally a bonus plan for the benefit of Regular Prepaid customers.

This works for all the Cingular Go customers Prepaid "Pay as You Go" and with the "Cingular Go Bonus Phones ".

How to Buy Cingular "Go"

There are several ways you can purchase Cingular Go Phones. You can buy it from your local Cingular outlet, Walmart, K-Mart, Circuit City and many of the large Box stores. You can also purchase from LetsTalk. Usually you can get a better phone and/or the $35 activation fee waived buying Cingular Phones from the LetsTalk Website .

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