Compare Cingular-LetsTalk Websites for The Motorola Razr.

You can purchase your Cingular-LetsTalk Cell service several different places. The monthly fees will be the same if you purchase from the local Cingular office, the Cingular Phones website or from LetsTalk or any of the other online vendors.

You can buy your phone for less From Cingular-LetsTalk.

Free cell phones. Great rate plans.

I compared buying a Silver Motorola Razr from the Cingular website and from LetsTalk.

The plans and options cost exactly the same.

It was $20 cheaper to purchase the phone from LetsTalk ($99 from Cingular and $79 from LetsTalk). Then if you send in the rebate you get another $80 from LetsTalk.

The actual prices will change from time to time but for the last year that I have been watching the prices the difference has stayed consistantly between $80 and $100 cheaper if you buy from LetsTalk. That includes the savings from the rebate.

LetsTalk Rebate Fine Print.

There are several restriction on the Rebate. Read the rebate terms carefully. You have to wait for the invoice from the 4th month to prove you have kept your service active to send in the rebate.