The Cheapest Tracfone Phone to Use

You can actually get Free Tracfone phones from the Website. However the cheapest Tracfone Phone to use will cost you up front. If you buy either of the Tracfone Triple Minutes for Life phones you will pay a lot less for Tracfone minutes over the life of the phone.

Triple Minutes for Life with the Samsung 404G!

Tracfone DMFL What is it?

Tracfone DMFL stands for Double Minutes for life and it means that every time you add a Tracfone card to your phone you will get double the number of minutes on the card added to your phone.

Tracfone TMFL What is it?

New from Tracfone in the Summer of 2011 Tracfone Triple Minute for Life (TMFL) is the best moneysaving deal available from Tracfone. Every time you add a Phone card to your TMFL phone the minutes will be tripled. This will give you 1200 minutes when you add a 400 minute card.

TMFL Availability

TMFL is only available with the purchase of a New Tracfone Phone at this time. Eventually you may be able to purchase a TMFL phone card but at this time it only comes with the Samsung T404G ($59.99) and the Motorola Ex124G ($79.99) .

Don't buy a Tracfone without TMFL

Unless you are going to use very few minutes per month, like less than 50 minute/month I would recommend you Only purchase a TMFL phone.

Pay Me Now Or Pay Me More Later

If you purchase a regular Tracfone now you will pay a lot more for minutes later. The savings on TMFL keep adding up every time you add another phone card.

The Cheapest Tracfone Phone to use is actually one of the two TMFL phones that are the most expensive (Only $60) to purchase. Buy either the QWERTY Keyboard Samsung T404G for $60 or the Motorola EX124G ($80) as your Cheapest Tracfone Phone To Use.