How to Get the Cheapest Tracfone Minutes

There is one way to buy the Cheapest Tracfone Minutes. You must have the new Tracfone Triple Minute for Life Phone and buy larger Tracfone Cards to get the best price on Tracfone Minutes.

TMFL Phones

Tracfone has just released their new Triple Minute Phones. They are only available at the Website. You cannot purchase a Triple minute card yet. You will save 33.3 percent on every minute purchase with a Triple minute phone. The phones are the two nicest Tracfone phones available.

Triple Minutes for Life with the Samsung 404G!

How to Get Tracfone TMFL Rates

The only way to get TMFL minutes is to purchase a TMFL Phone at the TracFone Website . There is one at $59.99 and another at $79.99. The free minutes you get from having TMFL on the phone will pay off your purchases quickly if you use many Tracfone minutes.

TMFL $200 card equals 4.4 cents per minute
TMFL $80 card equals 4.9 cents per minute
TMFL with $160 card equals 5.3 cents per minute
TMFL with $40 card equals 6.6 cents per minute
TMFL and $30 card equals 8.3 cents per minute

If you use more than 300 minutes per month with Tracfone you will save a lot by buying a TMFL phone at Cheapest Tracfone Minutes from

Simple Tracfone Service

Tracfone offers a very simple prepaid cell phone service. Simply purchase a Tracfone Phone (I recommend only purchasing a TMFL Phone) activate your phone and add a phone card before you run out of minutes or service time. The Phone cards are available at thousands of locations all over the US. The best deals on phones and phone cards are usually at the Website.