How To Change Tracfone Area Code

How to Change Tracfone Area Code on your phone. It is very simple if you move to change the area code on your Tracfone Prepaid Cell Phone.

It is not necessary to change the phone number on your GSM phone if you move because they are always One Rate. If you get a lot of calls from a landline it will be cheaper for your friends to have a local number where they call from.

The CDMA phones will charge you two units per minute of use for roaming so it is important to change these phones if you move. If you are going to spend a few weeks in an area you could change your number to that zip code. (You won't be able to get your old number back when you go back home!) If you don't know if your phone is a One Rate phone or not check out Tracfone Single Rate Phones.

Change Your Number

First you want to write down the ESN of your Track Phone.

Then write down the postal zip code of your new location.

Also you will need to have your Tracphone with you and either plugged in or charged up.

Now you are ready to Call Tracfone at 1-800-867-7183.

Go from my Change Tracfone Area Code to my Tracfone Problems Page for suggestions on how to deal with their customer service.

You will have to listen to their phone menus to Change Your Tracfone Area Code but it is a fairly simple procedure.

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