Which Cell-Phone-Network are rated the best?

There are several ways to rate a Cell-Phone-Network.

  • How many customers they have.

  • How good is their billing department.

  • How cute is the person selling the service.

  • How competitive their prices are.

  • How many of your friends are on their network.

  • How good is the reception in my area.

  • How good is the reception where I spend my vacations.

  • How cool are their Free phones?

  • May I use the phone if I travel internationally.

  • How many dropped calls do they have.

  • How well are they rated by JD Power.

    Whose rating should you take and why?

    My recommendation is to listen to what your friends say. Who do they dislike and who do they like and why.

    One of the biggest irritations comes from dropped calls.

    To check out the JD Power Study for 2005 check this link.


    Verizon and T-mobile came out on top in this study. Please paste the link into your browser for all the details.

    If you know the right questions you can come up with better decisions
    With so many different plans in different parts of the country and different situations for different people I hope my questions help you find the best Wireless for you.

    How to Pick a Contract Cell-Phone-Network.