Best Prepaid Yearly Cell Plan

Who has the Best Prepaid Yearly Cell Plan. There are contending plans from Tracfone, T-Mobile, Net10, Verizon Wireless, and Straight Talk.

Tracfone Yearly Phone Plan

Tracfone has two yearly plans. They sell a $100 one year card that you get 400 minutes (800 with DMFL). This card always has bonus codes available that will usually get you an extra 200 to 400 minutes. Check here for the latest Tracfone Bonus Coupon Codes. 800 minutes with this card gives you 12.5 cent minutes and less than $9 a month service.

Also available from is a $200 yearly plan. This card gives you 1500 minutes (3000 with DMFL) and a year of service. With DMFL these minutes are 6.6 cents each and your monthly cost is under $17 a month.

With either of these plans if you run out of minutes before the year is up you can add more minutes by just buying another phone card. Get $3 off on any phone or accessory $19.99 or more with coupon code 23444

Net10 Yearly Plan

Net10 has a yearly plan and a Two year plan. The Net10 yearly plan is $200 and you get 2,000 minutes and one year of service(10 cents a minute for $16.66 per month ). If you buy six $30 Net10 cards and put them all in at one time you will get twelve months of service and 1800 minutes for $180(ten cents a minute for $15 per month). With Tracfone and Net10 minutes and service time roll over.

The Net10 two year plan costs $400 and you get 5,000 minutes and two years of service(8 cents a minute for $16.66 per month). You can always purchase a $30 Net10 card and get 300 minutes and two months of service. Net10 Wireless: Always 10 Cents--Local, Long Distance or Roaming. Net 10 does not have the Best Prepaid Yearly Cell Plan but if you are averaging 150 to 400 minutes month it is a good simple program. The $30 300 minute two month card is available at Walmart, Target, 7-Eleven, Best Buy, and almost any convenience store or chain store in the US.

T-Mobile Prepaid Yearly Plan

The T-mob plan has two options. The "Pay by the Day" plan and the "Pay as you Go" plan.

The Pay by the day plan costs you $1 per day and ten cents a minute. With this plan you get unlimited night calling (7 pm to 7 am) and unlimited calling to T-Mobile phone numbers.

The T-Mobile "Pay as you Go" plan charges different minute rates depending on how much you spend. The larger denomination cards give you more minutes per dollar spent. If you add a $10 card you will pay 33 cents a minute. With the $25 card you will pay 19.5 cents a minute. With the $50 card you pay 12.5 cents a minute. If you buy a $100 card you will get 10 cent minutes.

T-Mobile Prepaid Service time

Any time you add a $10, $25 or $50 card you will get 90 days of service time. Once you have added $100 to your T-Mobile prepaid plan you will have one year to use your minutes.

T-Mobile Prepaid Strategy

The best strategy to use with T-mobile is to add $100 to your plan when you start it. Then add $100 cards when you are low on minutes. The $50 card is not a bad deal after you have added $100. The $10 and $25 cards should never be added because your cost per minute is so high. T-Mob used to have the Best Prepaid Yearly Cell Plan but Tracfone and Net10 now have less expensive options.

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Verizon Wireless Prepaid Yearly Plan

The Verizon plan is virtually the same as the T-Mobile plan. With a Verizon Prepaid phone you can add a $100 card and have service for one year. The basic per minute rate is 25 cents a minute. The Core plan is 99 cents a day and that gives you unlimited calling to other Verizon numbers. After the 99 cent daily charge you will pay 10 cents a minute to any non Verizon Wireless number. Verizon does not have the Best Prepaid Yearly Cell Plan. The only reason to use the Verizon Prepaid phone is if you are only using the phone occasionally and you are always talking to other Verizon wireless phones.

Straight Talk Yearly Plan

Straight Talk does not really have a Yearly plan but you could stack 12 monthly cards. The $30 per month cards would cost $360 per year. The minutes will not stack, you will only be able to use 1000 minutes per month or you would start using the next months service. Straight Talk and Text Nationwide Plus 30 MB of data for only $30 a month

Straight Talk $45 Unlimited Plan

Straight talk has a Prepaid Unlimited Calling, Text, and Data plan for $45 per month. The phones range from a $30 basic LG phone to $330 for Samsung Finesse smartphone. For more information check Straight Talk Frequently asked Questions. Straight Talk Prepaid phones operate on the Verizon Network. The Unlimited Straight Talk yearly plan would be $540 per year. The Straight Talk $45 Monthly plan is the best prepaid yearly cell plan with Nationwide unlimited minutes, text and data.

The Best Prepaid Yearly Cell Plan

For My Money the Best Prepaid Yearly Cell Plan is the the Tracfone $200 3,000 minute (with DMFL) plan. This is only available from The minutes roll over and you pay 6.6 cents per minute and $16.66 per month.

The $100 per year Tracfone plan is a pretty good deal also but the minutes are more expensive at 12.5 cents.

Net10 yearly minutes are ten cents each and your yearly charge will be $200.

The T-Mobile Yearly Plan is simple. You buy the $100 card and your service will stay active for up to 12 months as long as you do not run out of minutes. The minutes will cost 10 cents.

The Best Prepaid Yearly Cell Plan from Tracfone gives you a lot of flexibility. If you do not use all of your minutes they will roll over if you keep your service active. If you have a lot of minutes left over you can purchase $20 phone cards that will give you three months of service. If you run out of minutes you can always add minute cards and pay between 6.6 cents and 17 cents a minute with DMFL.