How the Ampd Mobile PAYG Pay as You Go Cell Service Works

Ampd Mobile PAYG Pay as You Go Cell Service is the latest MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator).

Amp'd Mobil has gone out of business. Apparently they sold a lot of phones but the market segment they went after did not renew service at a high enough percentage to stay in business.

They have linked up with Verizon to offer some of the higher end phones with extensive data capacities. They are also offering "A Music store with PC Synchronization".

Amp'd Mobile has the BEST Prepaid Phones

The Motorola Razr V3M is the finest phone available for Prepaid Cell phone usage and it is only available PAYG (Pay as you Go) from Ampd Mobile PAYG. The Amp'd Razr is suppose to be slightly different from the Razr V3m.
Ampd Mobile PAYG Razr from .

Jo Koy Prepaid

Ampd Mobile Phone Pay as you go Options

Pay-as-you-go 10 Cents per minute
Push to Talk $1 per day unlimited ends at Midnight
Text Messaging 10 Cents per Message
Picture and Video Messages 25 Cents per Message
Music Downloads 99 cents per Song
Ringtones and Mastertones From $1.49 per song
Games From $4.99 per Game
Video Streams and downloads from 99 cents per video
Wallpaper from 99 cents each

How to Add Funds to Amp'd Mobile Phone

Amp'd Mobile funds can be added from Circuit City Stores or Amp'd Mobile Pay as You go Dealers. Amp'd Mobile has an online Credit Meter on their website for you to check your balance.

Where will Amp'd Mobile Cellular Work?

Amp'd Mobile is a MVNO, which means they are a marketing company that buys minutes from Network operators and resell them under their own name. At the current time Ampd is buying all their minutes and access in the United States from Verizon.

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