Amazon Prepaid Phones

Amazon Prepaid Phones is not the place to buy your prepaid Cell Phone. Evaluate what phone you are going to buy and then buy it from the vendor.

Amazon's offerings are confusing. I recently checked it out and I didn't find any deals that were better than what you could get at the TracFone Wireless or Net 10 website.

Much simpler. Buy your Net 10 Cell Phone direct from Net 10 and pay 10 cents per minute all the time. Net10 Wireless now has a special where you get 300 free minutes with the purchase of any new Net 10 phone. This deal is available direct from their website. They only offer their refurbished phones through their website. Often on the Net ten website you can get a phone and 300 minutes for the same price as buying 300 minutes.

Net10 is the best Prepaid Cell Phone

If you sign up for the Easy Minutes plan with NET10 you can get minutes for 7.5 cents. This is the best Pay as you Go cell phone per minute rate.

Check out the New Easy Minutes and get Net10 rates as low as 7.5 cents a minute.

Buy 600 minutes at Net10 and get a FREE Nokia 1100

Cricket Unlimited is a great deal

Check out Cricket if they are available where you live. For unlimited Minutes and Unlimited texting and Unlimited Picture messaging for $35 a month they cannot be beat.

Tracfone is available in every Zip Code

Buy your Trac Phone Cell from TracFone Wireless . Do not buy your Prepaid cell phone from Amazon. Tracfone has it in stock ready to ship. Tracfone and Net10 often have Web only deals going that you cannot get from Amazon.

Which is the Best Amazon Prepaid Phones?
The Best-Prepaid-Cell Plan depends on your Cellular Usage and Where you live. T-Mobile, Net10 and Verizon Top the list.


Amazon Prepaid Phones Update

I just went to Amazon again to check out some information on a Tracfone. Again Amazon's information was confusing and their phones were more expensive than at the Tracfone Website. Normally you will have more models to choose from and get the best deal if you buy online from the company website.