New Wireless Plans from Alltel-U-Prepaid

The new Alltel-U-Prepaid has three service levels---

U Pay per Day
U Pay per Minute
U Pay per Month

Altell U Pay Per Day

(the Best for Most People) service is 75 cents per day which includes 2 free options and 10 cents a minute calls all the time.

Four different options are available for U Pay per Day.

The Flat rate of 75 Cents per day gives you two of these options for free.If you want more than two of these options each is an extra 25 cents per day.

The four Options (two are free with your 75 cents per day)

1. Unlimited Nights and Weekends.

2. Unlimited calls to your favorite number.3. Unlimited Text messaging---Yes Free texting.

4. Unlimited Mobile to Mobile--Free calls to other Alltel Customers.

Alltel-U-Prepaid Pay per Minute

Simple Simple
15 Cents per minute, 5 cents per text message.
59 cents roaming outside of U wireless service.
Free Voicemail, Free 3 way calling (you pay 15 cents per minute), Free Caller Id, Nationwide long distance included in the 15 cents per minute.
Activation fee---$35. Minimium initial balance $20.

If you do not use your phone there is a $4 monthly fee.--This is the lowest cost of network access for a prepaid Cell phone.

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Altell U Pay per Month

Pay per Month has 3 service options
**$69.95 per Month** gives you 700 anytime minutes(no rollover), Unlimited Mobile to Mobile, Unlimited Text messaging, Unlimited nights and weekends and 10 cents per minute if you go over.

**$39.95 per Month** gives you 400 anytime minutes per month(no rollover), 2000 nights and weekend minutes, 5 cents per text message unless included in the plan, 35 cents per additional minute.

**$29.95 per Month** gives you 200 anytime minutes, 1000 night and weekend minutes, 35 cents per additional minutes, 5 cent Text messages unless included in the plan.

With the $29.95 and $39.95 monthly plan you can get unlimited calls to one number for $5 and or 300 text messages for $5.99 (2 cents each) or 750 for $9.99 (1.33 cents each).

The Best Value in Text Messaging

The Alltel-U-Prepaid 75 cents per day U Pay per day with unlimited text messaging is one of the best deals in prepaid wireless texting.

Many kids if given the opportunity will text hundreds of messages per week.


Alltel's new U Prepaid plan is better than many Contract plans without the Contract.

The Best phones available for Prepaid are available with Altell U Pay as you go Cellular. Motorola Razr, Kyocera Slider Remix KX5 with camera and expandable memory for music storage, Motorola E815 with video clip capture, Kyocera Strobe K612b with hidden Qwerty keyboard for texting, And many other deluxe cell phones are available. All of these phones have predictive text entering to make texting fast.

Just because you are a prepaid customer doesn't mean you have to settle for a crummy old phone design.

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