The Alltel-New-Cell-Plans

Alltel-New-Cell-Plans raises the bar for all the Cell Phone Companies. The New Alltell U Prepaid is The Best prepaid plan from the major cell company with many customizable options.

15 Cents per minute is not the cheapest but with only one phone call per month required or the super low $4 monthly charge kicks in it makes it the best low usage plan.

Unlimited Texting

For your Texting mad high school student the 75 cents per day ($23 per month) Alltel-New-Cell-Plans option offers ULIMITED Texting, unbeatable value.

One of my sons used over 3000 text messages last month, if it weren't for the Unlimited Texting plan it would have cost a bundle.

For someone who only talks to other Alltel cell customers the 75 cents per day Can be the best cell phone plan Better and cheaper than a contract phone. If you talk a lot but your spouse only talks to you this might be a great plan for them.

One Number Called

If almost all your calls are to one number--your mate, parents, child, office or something like that the 75 cents per day plan can be absolutely the best.

My Circle by Alltel

This is Brilliant. You can sign up for unlimited Free calling to any 10 phones. This is only available on Contract Alltel Plans. They can be Verizon, Cingular, a land line, nearly any US phone (some limits apply). Check out my My Circle web Page.

Save on cell phones & plans for the whole family.

The Alltel-New-Cell-Plans have lots of new options for Pay as you Go Cell phone users and Contract users.

The Future of Cell Phones?

In many parts of the world the standard model of phone usage is the prepaid model. When one of the major Cell providers decides they are going to have the best service and rates they will drop the long term contract model. The long term contract business model allows the companies to pay their salespeople on commission.

When Cell Phones were new the education required to buy and use one required a lot more customer care. Now that they are universally accepted the trend will be to go through mass merchants much like cameras, computers, televisions, or watches are sold. This is a much less expensive sales model.

I remember when Computers were not available except in "Computer Stores" and cell phones didn't exist. As Cell phones become even more mainstream they will be sold mainly in mass markets.

I believe the Alltel U Prepaid is the first step with a Major Cell Company allowing their prepaid product compete with their Contract Service.

Alltel-New-Cell-Plans and What is new in Cellular

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