How Does The Alltel-My-Circle of Friends Work?

The Alltel-My-Circle of Friends is a Great, simple program.

Your Basic Monthly Alltel bill must be $59.95 or greater.

You can choose up to 10 numbers per account (If you have several lines on the account you still only get 10 different numbers).

These numbers can be landlines or cell phone numbers from other companies like T-Mobile Cingular or Verizon.
If your bill is $59.95 you probably already get free calling to Alltel customers.

Check your Alltel monthly statement to see who you spend the most minutes talking to. You may be able to go to a smaller monthly plan if the minutes you spend talking to your favorite 10 phone numbers no longer count against you.

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Alltel-My-Circle of Friends Limits

There are some limits. It is a Free service to all Alltel Customers with current rate plans $59.99 and higher.

It is not available on prepaid plans.

It is available to current and New Accounts.

You may not designate your own wireless or voicemail, Directory assistance, 900 numbers.

Designated numbers must be within the US.

You must be calling from within your plan coverage area. If you are roaming you won't get the benefit of the MY CIRCLE PLAN

Wow---If you make a lot of calls to the home office or your parents or girlfriend and they are not in your calling plan this can be awesome.

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