Is Alltel LetsTalk the Best place to buy your Alltel Cell Phone?

Alltel Letstalk is normally $80 to $100 cheaper than buying from the Alltel website and even more saving over buying from your local Alltel store.

I have priced several phones at both the Alltel website and the LetsTalk website. The LetsTalk website has always been cheaper. If you get a basic phone you will usually get it free from the Alltel website but you will get a $50 to $80 rebate from the LetsTalk Website.

Monthly Rates

The monthly rates are always the same from Alltel, the Alltel website, and from LetsTalk but the phones are always cheaper or the rebate is larger if you buy from LetsTalk.

LetsTalk or Alltel Rebate

Carefully read the details of the LetsTalk Website Rebate. They have several different items you need to include in your paperwork in order to get the rebate. You need to have kept your service and paid on time through the fourth month before you can send in your rebate forms.

It is very easy to get the rebate if you organize it when you are getting your phone. When you get your bill for the fourth month then you can send it in. - The Easy Way to Shop for Wireless

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How to choose your Contract Cell Phone Company

The best way for most people to choose their cell phone company is to follow their friends. If most of your friends have Alltel then you will be able to talk to them without using up your minutes.

Verizon, Alltel, T-Mobile all have plans that let you talk to their customers without using your minutes.

Using the LetsTalk website to get Free Razr plus free shipping with activated service plan. Choose from AT&T, Nextel, T-Mobile, Verizon, and more.The LetsTalk website is usually the least expensive way buy a Contract Cell Phone and service.