ATT Unlimited Prepaid Texting is One of the Best Deals Around

There is a secret that the big Wireless companies are not advertising. ATT Unlimited Prepaid Texting. This can be a great way to keep connected without a large monthly phone bill. Many kids want to do a lot of texting but at 5 cents to twenty cents each it adds up quickly. 2,000 to 5,000 texts in a month is not unusual for kids to use if they have unlimited texting. 2,000 texts at 5 cents each is $100 per month.

$20 per Month Unlimited Texting Nationwide

At&t Wireless has $20 per month Unlimited prepaid texting. With this plan you can text to any phone. AT&T does not push these plans. This is a very inexpensive way to have unlimited conversations. For school kids with time and desire to communicate all the time this can be a very inexpensive alternative to getting unlimited talk.

Step by Step to get ATT Unlimited Prepaid Texting

  • Go to AT&T Wireless and click on "Wireless" --"Prepaid Go Phone."This gets you to the Go Phone Home page.
  • Then click on "Go Phone Packages"
  • These packages will have phones and phone cards together. The activation fee is usually waived if you purchase one of these packages. These package deals will save you between $25 and $50 from going to your local Walmart or At%t store and picking up one of these phones.
  • I would choose a phone with a Qwerty keyboard because I would be planning on mainly using this as a Text machine.
  • If you subtract the value of the card that comes with these phones you can pay as little as $5 for one of the basic refurbished phones. I would not buy one of the "Touch Screen" phones because they are not as comfortable for me to text with.
  • Choose the " Simple Rate Plan" from the web site.
  • Once you activate your phone you can then sign up for the $20 per month ATT Unlimited Prepaid Texting or the $10 per month 1,000 texts. It is easiest to just call Customer Service and they will hook you up.
Do Not start Texting before you sign up for the Texting Plan because each text will cost 20 cents to send and receive.

Go to "My Account" and change the settings for the Monthly Texting Plan that you want.

You will be able to use this phone for calling also but the minutes will be 10 cents each. Most phone calls will cost you at least 50 cents to a dollar, it is hard to talk for less than 5 minutes.

At&t Go Phone $10 per Month Texting
One Thousand Text Messages a Month
One Cent per Text

You can have 1000 texts per month for $10 with At&t Wireless Prepaid and the texts can be to any phone. While it is not unlimited 1000 texts is quite a few and if you figure it per text that is 1 cent per text. Purchase an AT&T Go Phone (they have very good deals on Go Phone Packages) and choose the Simple Plan option. Then go to "My Account" and add the 1,000 text plan. You can call AT&T Customer Service for no charge and they will do it for your also.

Available Go Phones for ATT Unlimited Prepaid Texting

You will be able to use any At&t phone that is not under contract as your prepaid phone. There are several different models from the super basic $5 refurbished phones to the fancy $200+ Touch screen phones that can be used for this service. Check out the ATT Unlimited Prepaid Texting Go Phones .

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