Who Has The Best 25 Dollar Cell Phone Plan?

The Contenders for Best 25 Dollar Cell Phone Plan are few. Most contract phone companies start at $35 to $40 per month. Tracfone and Net10 are the Contenders for Best $25 per month Phone.

The Advantages of Tracfone over Net10

  • With Tracfone you can keep your service active for as little as $6.66 per month. The cheapest you will pay per month with Net10 is $15 per month.
  • Texting with Tracfone is alway .3 units per text to receive and to send. Most Net10 phones charge .5 units to send and receive. The Net10 phones with Qwerty keyboards charge .3 units per text.
  • If you are willing to spend $200 on the Tracfone 1500 minute yearly card and you have DMFL you will get Tracfone minutes that roll over for 6.66 cents and 12 months of service.
  • With Tracfone as you buy the bigger denomination cards you get cheaper minutes.
  • The Bonus Codes for Tracfone will increase the number of minutes you get.
  • All minutes and service time roll over with Tracfone. With the Net10 monthly plans your service and minutes do not roll over.

The Advantages of Net10 over Tracfone.

  • Net10 offers Unlimited service for $50 per month.
  • Net10 offers a $25 monthly 750 minute plan. (This is only 3 cents a Minute)
  • The Net10 Monthly plans offer much cheaper minutes.
  • You can change from Net10 Pay as you go service to their Monthly plans for no charge.
  • Net10 minutes are never more than 10 cents each. Without DMFL you can pay over 30 cents a minute with Tracfone. DMFL Explained
  • The minutes on the Net10 Monthly plans do not roll over. Check out Net10 Rollover for more rollover details.
  • Net10 has nicer phones with slide out Qwerty keyboards.

How to get a Net10 Phone for Free

Several Net10 phones on the website will say "Includes 300 minutes and 60 days of service upon activation." The price of these phones is often below $30 which is the value of the minutes that come with them. Use this to get a free Net10 phone at Net10.com

How to get a Tracfone for free.

From the Tracfone.com Website you can usually purchase a Tracfone with a Phone card for the same price as you will pay for the phone card. If you use Tracfone Purchase code 23444 (Under $25) for $3 discount or code 44477 (over $25) for $5 off your purchase. These codes only work on Phone purchases at Tracfone.com .

The Best $25 per Month Cell Phone

If you are willing to spend $25 every month and get 750 minutes then the Net10 $25 monthly plan is probably the best for you. If you normally only use under 100 minutes per month then the Tracfone PAYG plans or the Net10 $30 60 days-300 minute PAYG will be the best 25 Dollar Cell Phone Plan for you.

SAVE $3 with Tracfone Purchase Code 23444 or $5 with 44477. This only works when purchasing a phone or a phone with a phone card.

Net10 Phone Purchase Discount Code Save $3 on a Phone purchase with Net10 Code 34567 at Net10.com

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